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Energreen evolved from being a power engineering firm designing high voltage power systems such as power substations, transmission lines, and metering systems for the Philippines major electric utilities like National Power Corp., National Electrification Administration, PNOC, and Meralco. The group executed over 160 time-sensitive projects worth over $250 million over a 20 year period with a 99.8% on time completion and collection record.

After 20 years it decided in 1999 to remake itself into an independent power producer specializing in the niche market for small bite-sized power projects of 1 to 50 mw for the isolated islands where it felt it has an overall competitive advantage.

Energreen’s core team is composed of professionals who have been working with rural electric cooperatives for decades with a unique understanding of the needs and dynamics of these non-profit distribution utilities.

While most of the independent power producers were concentrating on larger power projects in the main grid of Luzon and the Visayas, Energreen’s team saw the potential of the largely neglected needs of the electric cooperatives in the small islands. It pioneered the development of bankable power supply agreements that are tailor made for the unique requirements of the electric coops and its isolated island grid.

Energreen’s early work was rewarded by electricity supply agreements for the larger islands of Palawan, Oriental Mindoro, and Catanduanes. The projects were originally developed under development company affiliate Power One Corp. and taken over by Energreen for implementation under an equity streamlining agreement.

Island Power Plants

Oriental Mindoro

15.3 MW of medium speed diesel power plants in Calapan City under subsidiaries Calapan Power Generation Corporation and Sta. Isabel Power Corporation base-load service operating since 2013

Negros Occidental

25.6 MW of medium speed diesel power plant in Bago City to serve Central Negros cities of Bacolod, Silay, Talisay, Bago and municipalities of Murcia and Salvador Benedicto. Provides Power Reliability and WESM price protection. Peaking & Reserve, & Anciliary services operations started in April 2016


Mindoro Harvest Energy Corporation (Current)
  • 4MW Biomass (rice husk)
  • Off-Taker: Oriental Mindoro Electric Cooperative (ORMECO)
  • Location: Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro
  • Contract: 20 year electricity supply agreement
  • Service: Base-Load power at 69kv
  • Projected Completion: January 2020
  • Status: Permitting & Regulatory Review

This project is a key component of Ormeco’s long term power cost reduction strategy through the use of cleaner and cheaper renewable energy option. Also part of ORMECO`S generating capacity building strategy for Southern Mindoro.

Negros Harvest Energy Corporation
  • 8MW Biomass in Negros Occidental
  • Off-Taker: Central Negros Electric Cooperative
  • Location: Bago City
  • Contract: 20 year electricity supply agreement
  • Service: Base-Load power at 69kv
  • Projected Completion: December 2020
  • Status: Permitting and Technology Choice. Site Acquired

Other Biomass and HFO diesel Plant Projects

Other Biomass and HFO diesel plant projects in various islands ranging in capacities from 1 to 20mw that are currently undergoing resource assessments and pre-feasibility studies.

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